Subject Matter Expertise

Observera delivers a rich understanding of the core remote sensing disciplines, as well as superior services in Geospatial imagery. From sensor technologies to imagery analysis to photogrammetry to image science, GIS and advanced processing techniques, our employees bring technical depth and understanding of many general and specific imagery and geospatial fields.

Spectral Image Science

High-resolution multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, thermal, and polarimetric imagery can make significant contributions to image extraction for remote sensing. We bring expertise in both the physics of image formation and the technologies of detection to all kinds of remote sensing problems. Our image scientists work across the board on these sensor technologies – theory, techniques, algorithms, analysis and applications. Among our specific fields of expertise are radiometric calibration, materials classification, spectral-spatial analysis, signature extraction, spectrally accurate resolution enhancement, atmospheric and illumination correction, change detection, and search.

Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Science

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) makes critical contributions to both military and civilian remote sensing, and it plays a major part in Observera’s past and current activities. We have been and continue to be major participants in SAR studies and in the application of SAR methods to challenging remote sensing problems. Our contributions range from SAR mapping studies, to creating next generation SAR processing frameworks, to evaluating new SAR sensors, to applying advanced geospatial intelligence (AGI) processing and analysis techniques. Our SAR AGI analysts are proficient at assisting imagery analysts in understanding the unique contributions of SAR AGI and providing end-to-end support for analysis projects, including collection strategy development, data acquisition, processing management, analysis, and reporting.


Photogrammetry and geomatics are core elements of Observera’s technical capabilities, forming a foundation for many of our technical development projects and studies, just as they are a foundation for much of geospatial information processing and analysis. Our personnel are well-versed in photogrammetric science and engineering, both theory and practice. We have developed numerous sensor models for airborne and satellite platforms, including both passive and active sensor systems, and have developed unique framework concepts for large-scale photogrammetric workflows. Each year, we also perform a significant number of independent evaluations of sensor and metadata accuracy for our customers, as well as assessments of various other collection capabilities, such as stereo parameters, resolution, sampling, error propagation, geometric calibration, and collection strategies. Our expertise in error analysis and reverse engineering of sensor physics are often called upon to assist in troubleshooting sensor accuracy problems, in such areas as timing, gimbal pointing, and reference datums. In addition, our work in radargrammetry is at the forefront of efforts to standardize SAR geometry models and unify metadata standards for SAR geopositioning.

Image Analysis

Observera’s staff includes professional imagery analysts, providing both on-site and reach-back support to our customers with panchromatic, radar, infrared, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, polarimetric, and elevation model expertise geared to specific situations and missions. Our analysts are proficient in the use of advanced image exploitation and geospatial software applications, such as SOCET SET, SOCET GXP, ERDAS Imagine, ERDAS ERMapper, Envi, Remote View, and ESRI ArcGIS. Our embedded senior imagery analysts have been recognized by our customers for both their tradecraft contributions and their mentoring of younger government and contractor IAs.


Quality training is key to the success of any organization, and Observera’s customers benefit from our formal and informal training activities. We offer training programs in a number of areas, usually tailored to the specific needs of our customers and often included as part of an entire service contract. Some specific training packages available include Imagery Analysis, Geomatics and Photogrammetry, Spectral Imagery, Polarimetry (EO and SAR), Understanding SAR, SAR AGI, Change Detection, and Mapping, as well as training on any of the software products that we offer.