Observera’s services draw upon the skills of our staff in numerous geospatial disciplines.

Science and Analysis Group

Our Science and Analysis Group focuses on providing on-site geospatial support to customers solving operational geospatial problems.  This team includes analysts and scientists working side-by-side with government employees performing imagery analysis, geospatial processing, and geologic assessments.  Expertise ranges across sensor modalities, including panchromatic, infrared, multispectral, hyperspectral, SAR and LIDAR.

System Engineering Group

The System Engineering Group assists our customers in the development of new geospatial systems.  We support a lot of pilot and prototype systems, creating new operational concepts, defining requirements, assisting with analysis of alternatives, managing and coordinating development activities involving multiple contractors, providing independent validation and verification services, and documenting results.  Often, our understanding of a broad range of subject matter comes into play, including photogrammetry, image science, radar processing, polarimetry, change detection, digital elevation models, image processing and pattern recognition.

Workflow Optimization Group

Our Workflow Optimization Group develops software and systems that improve the efficiency of geospatial processes.  Contributions extend from sensor data acquisition systems to automated data processing to exploitation systems.  We focus on areas that will see the most likely benefits from automation, striving to increase the efficiency of human interaction with geospatial data.

Research and Development
Across the board, Observera is involved in cutting-edge 
applied research and development helping our customers solve today’s problems.