Founded in 1995, Observera was formed with anticipation of the launches of new high-resolution commercial imaging satellites that would bring to the public a more complete and accurate portrayal of our world than had ever been seen before.  Alas, delays to those satellites were inescapable, yet Observera thrived by working on other advanced airborne and satellite remote sensing technologies. Over the years, we have developed innovative solutions for both military and national security imaging problems, and have worked to bridge the gap between the government and commercial remote sensing communities.Some of the projects we have worked on and developed since our beginnings include:

  • RAVEN: Video photogrammetry software
  • DEM Quality Assessment Studies
  • Automated Feature Extraction Evaluations
  • Defense Format Pack for ERMapper
  • Mapping from SAR, including various studies and prototypes
  • RAVEN View: Video mosaicking and analysis software
  • ASURE: the Automated SAR Utility Rating Estimator
  • Various imagery accuracy evaluations
  • Various evaluations of Automated Feature Extraction (AFE) technologies
  • ALLEGRO: Advanced Land-cover, Land-use Extraction for Geospatial Region Operations
  • Change Detection Workstation (CDWS) / Change Detection Server (CDS)
  • Various evaluations of Vertical Obstruction Extraction algorithms
  • SAR Ground Architecture Tiger Team (Award winner)
  • SMART – Sensor Model-based Automated Registration Tool
  • Geologic Database (Innovations in Geospatial Intelligence Award Winner)
  • Automated Cueing for Change Detection
  • Genie Pro®
  • Continuum™
  • Evaluations of new commercial high-resolution SAR satellites

Observera will continue to develop innovative concepts under both government and commercial contracts, attempting to commercialize technologies when possible and help reduce the life cycle costs for geospatial applications and systems.