Observera is a high technology, small business that specializes in sophisticated geospatial science, processing and analysis for a range of government and commercial customers. Located in the Washington D.C. area, Observera has supported the defense, intelligence and commercial communities since 1995 with advanced geospatial information systems and imagery services. Our staff ensures that our customers receive responsive, cost-effective, and innovative solutions with the utmost quality by providing critical insight and services to meet their mission needs.


Passion is the watchword for Observera’s staff. Passion is the trait we look for when selecting our scientists, analysts, and engineers; passion for imagery, passion for geospatial information, and passion for helping our customers. Our staff’s expertise covers the range of geospatial disciplines, including imagery science, imagery analysis, GIS, and imagery software development. Our specialties lie in three areas: (1) providing on-site image science and analysis expertise, (2) performing independent evaluations of geospatial data sources, processing methods, and output products, and (3) geospatial workflow optimization and customization.

We take great pride in adopting our customer’s mission as our own mission, solving geospatial problems with eagerness and expertise. We are ever mindful that our customers need to use time, money, and resources effectively, and that solutions must consider both the human and computer elements of a process.

What is Intelligent GEOINT?

Intelligent GEOINT is Observera’s philosophy of implementing smart, efficient GEOINT with our customers, integrating both the Art and the Science of Geospatial understanding. It reflects our balanced approach to solving GEOINT problems, with:

  • Teams that integrate geospatial analysts, scientists, and engineers, including government and contractor personnel working side-by-side, and seasoned professionals mentoring enthusiastic journeymen, regardless of their affiliation
  • Workflows that combine the best of human analytical prowess with automation where it brings value, while using efficient human interfaces to eliminate the gap between GEOINT professionals and their tools
  • Training on the full spectrum of GEOINT capabilities, from science and sensors to systems and software
  • Evaluations of new sensors and techniques using resource-efficient study design and a cooperative approach with developers and vendors to maximize the probability of success

Tell us about your GEOINT problems and let us show you how Intelligent GEOINT approaches can deliver a solution.