Observera is a high technology, small business that specializes in sophisticated geospatial science, processing and analysis

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Observera’s services draw upon the skills of our staff in numerous geospatial disciplines.

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EOCD Solutions
Electro-Optical Change Detection

Highly accurate image registration is the critical piece in any change detection process. When images are properly registered, valid changes are emphasized and false alarms reduced.


Independent Evaluations

Observera has a strong reputation with our customers for conducting independent evaluations of sensors, techniques, tools, and algorithms in a manner that is both fair and provides valuable feedback to our sponsors

Research & Development

Our goal in the area of research and development is to apply advanced thinking and innovation to a broad range of current imaging and geospatial problems

SAR Expertise

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) makes critical contributions to both military and civilian remote sensing, and it plays a major part in Observera’s past and current activities


Observera delivers broad-based analysis of workflow efficiency using our scientific, analytical and technical understanding of geospatial processes

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